All you need to know about mold at homes


Due to the various weathers encountered all year round such as cold, damp winters or humid summers, this can result in build-up of moisture and lead to mold.

Mold is a form of fungus. The assorted types of molds are given below. They can occur indoors and outdoors. Mold restoration plan  is a much-needed process whether in homes or in offices.


Mold inspection and removal has been a popular demand for decades. The reason being that molds are HEALTH HAZARDS!

Molds produce spores, which spread through air. Spores are resistant to many forms of removal as they are designed to persist in the harshest environment. So, to get rid of the spores, we need to eliminate the source which is the MOLD.

Molds and spores impose a health threat. They can cause many individuals, breathing problems, intense allergies and aspergillosis.


The most comment types of molds include:

  1. Alternaria which is found in damp indoors such as in the showers or under continuously leaking sinks.
  2. Aspergillus which grows indoors on dust, powdery food items or dry wall.
  3. Cladosporium which has the ability to grow in both cold and warm areas, appears mainly on fabrics and wood surfaces.
  4. Penicillium often has a green or blue look, grows on materials that are a victim to water damage.


Our team of professionals possesses the knowledge that is required to identity the mold, the exact type of mold and the products or process required to eliminate the mold.

Molds identification is best left to the professionals as molds have a variety of different forms and textures. They have a range of colours as well such as white, black, yellow, blue or green. They can easily be identified as they look like discoloration or a stain.

In addition, some forms also have a velvety, fuzzy, or rough appearance.

If you think you have encountered mold in your house whether indoors or outdoors, it is best you contact the professionals immediately. We are a company that provides mold cleanup services and mold damage restoration.


We have provided our clients with the information regarding the process or plan we use to defeat mold and make sure they do not grow again.

We have noted down the steps for you to see so that you can place your complete trust and we can show you the transparency of our company.

  1. We first visit your premises in order to inspect the mold. An important thing to remember is that mold is not only present in the places where it is visible, often times the growth of mold is from a complete different invisible source which requires professional eyes to catch them.
  2. We then assess the level of contamination, this helps us better approach the way to remove and clean up the mold.
  3. We then form a mold remediation plan. it involves cleaning up the mold while making sure to follow all the health safety rules to avoid anyone getting sick. Because our workers have decades of experience with different types of molds, they also have immense knowledge regarding the moisture in the house and as we know molds thrive in moisture. In order to catch the mold at its source and prevent its recurrence, we need to find the moisture points of the house and examine them for any leaks.
  • Repairing the water problem in the house. Residents of the house may not be aware of any problem so proper inspection is necessary.
  • Our mold remediation plan also includes isolating the contaminated area by closing all the doors and windows.
  • We then go on to supress the dust that caused by mold spores in the home as it can lead to serious health problems.
  • Removing all wet, damp, and damaged porous materials.
  • Placing all the materials in plastic bags and tying them off to prevent further contamination.
  • All the non-porous materials and surfaces especially wood that are moldy are thoroughly cleaned.
  • To ensure the house is free of mold, a visibility test is performed.

Our company specializes in mold damage restoration and ensures that you get the best results.